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Whilst we are now open we are limited in the numbers we can take until we can find people to help with reinstatement of access to the hospital. Please bear with us.

If the animal is injured, screaming, circling or dragging legs, please take it to the nearest vet. Sick animals do not have the luxury of time.


If you're not, please go here to find your nearest rescue

Hospital Landline:

phone us: landline zero one six three five eight two six one two zero


We do not have vehicles to come and collect.
We are a small charity run entirely by volunteers and we are always busy.

If the hedgehog is badly injured, screaming or dragging itself along, carefully pick it up in case of fractures, then take it immediately to the nearest vet who must treat under their Code of Conduct.

  • Do not wait
  • Do not stick it under a bush to see if it sorts itself out
  • Do not leave it in a box outside until you get home from work


Please visit the volunteering page and complete the application form.

General Enquiries

If you are looking for information what you need is likely to be on our
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions page
which you can reach from the menu at the top of the page. If you just want a chat please use the message box below or our Facebook page.

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