Wills & Legacies for The Animal Rescue Charity

Leaving Wills and Legacies to Hedgehog Bottom

Leave a legacy for the future

You don’t have to be rich and famous to make a contribution that can make a difference. We can all do something amazing for the world just by remembering our favourite charity when writing a Will.

A legacy will make sure that Hedgehog Bottom will continue its valuable work for years to come. For many of us the most generous act of giving is by way of a bequest to a favoured Charity. It is a means of saying “You’re doing a wonderful job” when you are no longer able to say it for yourself. Surely there can be no finer departing gesture than to ease the suffering of needy animals.

74% of the UK population support charities and when asked, 35% of people say they’d happily leave a gift in their Will once family and friends had been provided for.

The problem is only 7% actually do.


With a Will, you can look after all the people you care about. By leaving a gift to your family and friends, you can care for them even after you’re gone. And if you wish, you could do something amazing for animals as well.

By remembering Hedgehog Bottom in your Will, you can help us save the lives of wild animals in need. Your incredible generosity will help our wildlife charity stop suffering, rescue individuals and protect rare species in the future. A gift in your Will, however small or large, can help ensure we can always be here for wild animals. Now that’s a legacy truly worth leaving!


Do I need to change my Will?

If you already have a will, it’s easy to amend it. Minor changes – such as, adding a gift to Hedgehog Bottom, do not require a new will. However, If you wish to make other changes at the same time, it may be best to have the Will re-written to include all your changes in a new document.

The existing Will can be amended by preparing a document called a Codicil, which your solicitor will help you to draw up or you can click here for a copy. The codicil must be handed to your solicitor to be kept with your Will. Most solicitors are happy to make a house call if requested to. Please don’t forget to mention our Charity name, charity number and address as set out in “Making a Will”.


Making a Will

If you have never made a Will it is advisable to seek the guidance of a Solicitor. Home-made Wills could carry the risk of unforeseen legal loopholes and may be invalid. As beneficiaries of your Will, your Solicitor will require the following information about us:

  • Charity Name : Hedgehog Bottom
  • Charity Address: 72 Chapel Street, Thatcham, Berkshire. RG18 4QN
  • HMRC Charity Registration Number: XT27268

With your help, by working together, we can change things for the better, one step at a time. Keep the future wild.