hedgehog out in daylight

Adult or baby in hot dry weather

Offer a shallow bowl of fresh water. DO NOT FEED IT then read our what to do page.

When to leave well alone

If a nest is disturbed by dogs, gardening or construction work, even a healthy hedgehog will look for a new hiding place during the day.

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Hedgehogs are dying out.

Percentage wise, hedgehogs are declining at a faster rate than tigers. What is causing this? Is there anything you are doing that is not helping matters or actively making things worse?

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Old Wives' Tales

SOME Hedgehogs have fleas, true, but they are Hedgehog specific fleas. They will not live on you, your dog, your cat or in your house...

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A Hedgehog is...

not as straightforward as you might think. They are not related to Porcupines or Echidnas or Tenrecs but they are related to other hedgehogs

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Is it a boy or a girl?

Rather unsurprisingly, hedgehogs have a pretty good idea of whether they are a boy or a girl but we have a little more difficulty...

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What the heck is that noise?

You may hear the odd bit of grunting going on in summer as a deperate male chases a reluctant female but the vocal range of a hog is much wider than that...

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