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Hedgehog Boarding

Our rescued APH, Lily

Despite being a wild hedgehog hospital we are often the recipient of unwanted pet hedgehogs. If we were not to become overrun with these animals we had to set up a rehoming service and once that became known we started to receive requests from NHS Care to look after hedgehogs for people going into hospital.

Due to this we decided to set up a boarding house with limited spaces. We are acutely aware of the differences between the species and will cater for wilds and pets in completely separate accommodation to avoid any disease transference.

We may be able to cater for specific requests if arranged at the time of booking, some of these may incur an extra charge.

What you can expect

Our Long eared Egyptian, Nellie

Boarding guests are kept in a large temperature controlled vivarium with a house, exercise facility, toys and food and water available 24/7. If preferred we can also offer large zoozones with the same facilities. Socialisation is available as required, please discuss this at the time of booking as all owners have different requirements.

Many animals are less stressed with change if you can bring their normal bedding and toys with them, otherwise your pet will have fresh clean fleece and a selection of sterilised items to keep him/her entertained.

As a hedgehog hospital we will naturally do daily health checks whilst cleaning and feeding. In the rare event of any illness, depending on the severity, we can either deal with it here or pass on to our highly competent vet.

Veterinary fees will be charged separately and we will always attempt to contact yourself before going ahead with major treatment, to this end we will require contact details of somebody with authorisation to carry out your wishes

Items you can supply

  • Your own dry food to last the duration of the booking or details of any specific dietary requirements to avoid upset tummies.
  • Your pet's own bedding and something with your smell on it to prevent stress and separation issues.
  • We can supply a variety of treats but you are welcome to bring items that your pet prefers.



  • All dates: £6.00 per night with the exception of
  • Jun 1st - Sep 6th: £8.00 per night
  • Dec 1st - Jan 6th: £10.00 per night - excluding Dec 24th, 25th, 31st and Jan 1st
  • Dec 24th, 25th, 31st and Jan 1st - £15 per night
  • Additional requests will be charged as agreed at booking time.

Long term bookings, such as an extended hospital stay, prices will be negotiated separately.

Veterinary fees will be an additional charge. We will always attempt to contact you before requesting treatment but in the event of an emergency we will assume you wish us to leave no stone unturned unless you have specifically stated otherwise.


Booking is subject to availability. A 50% deposit is required with the balance via cash on arrival.

Bookings and enquiries - 01635 826120

or complete the form on our contact page

Our rescued APH, Ollie
Our rescued APH, Miss Piggy