Documents for Carers and Rescues

Please note: these documents are as used by Hedgehog Bottom. There are alternatives available elsewhere but please check they are reasonably current, much online information can be many years out of date. You are free to download these and make use of them however, if you put them on your own web site we will be unable to apply any updates so please put a prominent Correct as of xx/xx/xx date notifier with them.

You may however link to them if you wish.

Hospital Admittance Sheet

Download - 91kb PDF format

Ringworm & Mange Treatment

Download - 134kb PDF format

Vale Wildlife Rescue Treatment Sheets

Vale Rehabbers Area

These documents are regularly updated. If this link stops working please go to the Vale Website and look for the documents for rehabbers. Vale run the authorised Hedgehog Course which is backed by the BHPS so you can rely on this information being current and used by many rescues.

Wildlife Aid Worming Admin Sheet for Hoglets

Download - 62kb PDF format

This regimen is new and was developed by Wildlife Aid who are having success with it. Here at the Hog's Bum we've used it on one patient who was not responding to anything else and she has now recovered. Be warned though, this requires a lot of medications and not all vets will run with it.

I have included on the form the original message from Wildlife Aid along with contact details for your vet if they wish to clarify anything.

Bunnell Data Collection Sheet

Download - 67kb PDF format

This chart is for records of individual animals and will need to be forwarded to Dr Toni Bunnell who is doing a study on pesticides and their effects on hedgehogs.

Pygmy Hog Care Sheet

Download - 109kb PDF format

African Pygmy Hogs bred and kept as pets are a completely different species to our native wild hogs and as such need totally different care. These instructions were written by an expert APH breeder and carer.

Brinsea/Vetario Intensive Care Unit Instructions

Download - 304kb PDF format