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Did you know that there is an ethical and environmental way to get rid of your unwanted car, whilst raising money for us. Hedgehog Bottom has partnered with Giveacar to launch an exciting new fundraising initiative that will pick up any vehicle, from anywhere in the UK for free, and we want you to be a part of it!

If you have an unwanted car, Giveacar arranges for the completely free pick-up and disposal or auction of your vehicle, and a donation generated from the sale or scrap of the car is then directed to your chosen registered charity. Every car that is disposed of through the scheme is recycled to high environmental standards and could raise an average of £80 for Hedgehog Bottom. Considering that according to the DVLA, there are over two million cars taken off the road every year, this partnership has tremendous fundraising potential for Hedgehog Bottom.

Do you have a vehicle, in any condition, taking up space in your garage or drive? If so, why not use it to raise money for Hedgehog Bottom and support us to provide care and rehabilitation for our wonderful spiky charges? Telling your friends and family about Hedgehog Bottom's partnership with Giveacar will help us to tap into this new source of revenue that can make a huge difference. This month alone, generous donations of unwanted cars from the public will raise over £30,000 for UK charities. By raising awareness of this free and easy car donation service, you can help us reach our fundraising goals this year.

To donate your scrap car to Hedgehog Bottom, simply call Giveacar on 020 0011 1664 and quote Hedgehog Bottom as your chosen charity. If you have any further questions about Hedgehog Bottom's Giveacar appeal, please call the Giveacar team or see their website at